What is Trybe?

Trybe is a place you can try products and service that you want in exchange for your honest opinion! It's completely free! We are a community where you come to connect with brands, and get your voice heard!

How do I apply?

Complete your profile in order to see the correct products for your country! From the home page you will see all the products available in your country! Hit the "TRY" button and answer a few survey questions or share your opinion to be in with a chance to try the product.

How do I get the product?

Once you have been selected to try a product you will be notified by email when we have sent it to you. You will usually receive it in the post or sometimes you may need to collect it yourself, but we will always give you instructions.

How do I increase my chance of being selected?

1) Make sure your profile is filled out completely. 2) Always give your honest opinion when answering surveys or writing reviews. This will increase your chances to being selected in other campaigns. 3) When you share on social media content that is not relevant for the product, it will not be considered. 4) Being active in Trybe social media channels, is always a good thing too. 5) Invite your friends to join Trybe.

What is a "invitation?"

If you receive an invite to TRY a product, it means you have been preselected to try based on your profile. You will still need to apply for the product though.

I was invited but didn’t get the product!

Do not give up! Sometimes it may happen that we get more applications for a product than there are products, but try again.

How is my voice heard?

Well a few ways; by sharing on your social media networks, answering surveys and most importantly product reviews after your have tested it!

When will I receive the product?

Once the campaign has ended we will need a day or two to select our users. And we will let you know once it has been sent to you.

I applied a while back, but still havn't heard anything. What should I do?

Sometimes we have an overwhelming number of people applying to products that we may extend the campaign, the selection process can also take a while too. But we will let you know once you have been selected.

Can I apply for more than one product?

Yes absolutely! The sky's the limit.

Why do I get a message that the product is only available in a certain country, when I am applying from that country.

You can only apply to products that are available in your country, so make sure your country is correct in your profile. This way you won't miss out on anything.

How do I give a review?

We will notify you when it is time to review the product. Usually a few days after you have received it .

I have never received the verification mail. What to do?

Check your spam filter, or if using Gmail check the promotions tab.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it's free! We send you products and you give your honest opinion about them.

What is the "TrybeScore"?

The Trybescore is the overall evaluation of a product. Our users rate every product after they have tried it. As we received a lot of reviews for each product, we can give you with a good assistance, through our Trybescore, on which products are good and which may not be so good.

Still looking for answers? Go to our support page.