Ice Scraper with mitt
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Ice scraper with a glove that keeps your hands warm and dry!

Effective ice scraper - The ice scraper is very effective in removing the ice from your car windshield. Its thick and durable plastic scraper blade will cut through even the thickest ice without scratching the glass.

Waterproof - The mitt is made out of waterproof material to keep your hands warm and dry while scraping.

Universal - It will fit all hand sizes. It has an elastic wrist band that will give a snug fit to prevent the snow from entering the gloves.

Easy to use - It is very easy to use, just grip the handle, point the shovel head close to the windshield for a 10 degrees -70 degrees angle between the rear and side parts of the shovel head and the glass; then go up and down or left and right to eliminate the frost. Note: Do not use for cleaning the car body.

Convenient and practical - The ice scraper is durable enough to last for a long time usage. It has a practical design to easily perform the task. It is a very convenient and light weight shovel that can be carried anytime and anywhere without consuming a lot of space in your car.

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