Flexi Bath®
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Stokke® Flexi Bath®
The foldable baby bath for easy storage and travel.

At Stokke® the child's welfare comes before anything else. Our products are designed and developed to promote the development of the child and strengthen the unique bond between the parents and their loved one.

The first bath is something very special. For the first time since birth, the baby returns to the familiar feeling of warm water. It was not too long ago they were safeguarded in the belly of their mother. The bath can provide joy and comfort to the little one. For parents, it’s important to bathe your baby in something that is safe and practical.

Stokke® Flexi Bath® is easy to use, chic, and innovative. This unique bath easily folds flat to stow after use. Not only is the tub space-saving and simple to use, it can also be taken anywhere. Making it the perfect companion for traveling.

The anti-slip coating ensures a good grip. The optional addition to the Flexi Bath® is the Newborn Support that adds security and comfort for babies, which ensures that the bath can be used from birth. The practical support is comfortable and secure as it adjusts to the body of the baby. Little ones can lie in the bath as they would in their Mother’s arms.

The Newborn Support product is a winner of the Red Dot Award in the product design category. This award is a global seal of quality for the best of the best, and emphasizes the high quality of the Flexi Bath® Newborn Support.

With the capacity of 10 gallons, it is large enough to fit a child until the age of 4.

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