M&M's Milk Chocolate
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M&M’S® Milk Chocolate - Enjoy the classic that’s loved around the world.

Now you can enjoy chocolate in a crisp candy shell at anytime, let it melt in your mouth, not in your hands!

M&M's is one of the most famous chocolates in the world. Made up of different colored pieces of colorful button-shaped chocolates, M&M's take you on a taste journey.

M&M's originated from the US and are now sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

Fun fact: The concept of chocolate coated in other flavors came about during the Spanish Civil War when its creators saw soldiers eating chocolate pellets called Smarties, with a hard shell of tempered chocolate surrounding the inside, preventing the candies from melting.

Well fancy that! Want a bite?

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This product is only available in the USA.